Feel free to contact me at larry36d@gmail.com, (not feedback@proboengine.com, godaddy has been having issues) with any bug reports, feature requests, general questions, or feedback about ProBO Engine. Currently I am not planning on making an iteration for terran or zerg. Many of the search techniques used take advantage of the unique structure of the protoss tech tree.

If you have any sick builds you've found that you want to try out in 2v2, email me or let me know in game at Larry#11435.

Potential Future Items include:

I have enjoyed creating ProBOEngine significantly, but it did take a huge amount of time. The webhosting isn't free and I am a college student. My intent is to have everything be free to use, as I want to everyone to be able to turn their strategies into optimized build orders. Im not certain yet what server costs will end up being, but if you are getting a lot out of the program and want to support, my venmo is larry-dial-1. Any support to keep this project up and running is greatly appreciated.